How It Works?


You select the traffic package and you place an order. You can order few hundred or few thousand clicks!


Order will be processed and we will contact you for your offer link. If you need, we can create a custom tracking link. It will help you track the campaign and the clicks.


We will announce the send out date, and when it comes - your ad goes live and traffic starts flowing!

Where Does The Traffic Come From? offers the best quality traffic for your products and services.

We are proudly providing quality traffic that comes from the top tier countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 84.38% of our traffic comes from these countries, and the rest 15.62% comes from English speaking countries (the traffic is worldwide).

PLEASE NOTE: We do not guarantee that you will get exactly 84.38%
of top tier country traffic. These are the results we usualy experience, but they may vary!

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Advanced Tracking Possibilities

Once you will order a click package you will need to submit your link. This can be a tracking link or uncloaked link.

What is a tracking link?

Tracking link cloaks your original link, and allows you to know exactly how many people have clicked the link, when they have clicked it, where did the traffic came from and much more!

If you don't have a tracking software - don't worry! We will send you a detailed click report. We will be tracking your ad on our end too.

TIP: Click on the image and you will see a sample click report.

Free Offer Review

We want to be sure that you get the maximum out of the solo ad you purchase.

Once you will submit the order, we will review your offer.

We will provide tips and advices how to improve your sales page or squeeze page so you make more sales or get more subscribers.

Professional Email Ad Writing

You don't have to worry about the email ad!

We will write a custom email ad for your offer, so you get the maximum response from our list. And you get this free of a charge too.

We only send out our emails, we will not send out your swipe file.

However, if you still want to send out your own email swipe, please contact us first.

Rock Solid Guarantee

Every solo ad you purchase is covered by our guarantee.

We guarantee that you will receive all the clicks you have ordered within the 72 hours of send out date, or you will get a full refund (and the clicks you've already received are yours to keep free of a charge).

You can buy traffic with confidence!

Please Note: You will receive the clicks within 72 hours on your send out date, not the day you have placed an order.

Terms And Conditions

You will receive all the clicks you've purchased within the 72 hours of agreed send out date. Send out date will be announced after you place an order.

Usually your solo will go out after 7 days of placing an order (this may vary).

We reserve the right to send out your offer earlier than agreed send out date without any prior notice. Before you place an order make sure everything is properly set up.

All prices listed below are for unique clicks not raw.

Unique click - are clicks from different (unique) visitors (different IP addresses).

Raw clicks - are all clicks on your link. If someone goes to your link and clicks it 6 times, you will see 1 unique click and 6 raw clicks.

We do not use pop ups, pop unders, adfly, exit pops or any other kind of low quality traffic.

Your link is sent to our premium list and it is clicked by REAL people reading our emails.

Your URL is the only URL included in the email. It will not be used as a "bonus" or "PS" link.

We have a large active subscriber base who read our daily emails and check out the products we recommend. We are adding anywhere from one hundred to five hundred (or more) new subscribers per day. We average 10-30 unsubscribes per day.

Therefore, at any given day, we're adding AT LEAST 70-90 new leads to our lists.

So, if you want to run more than one solo ad, just like many of our customers, you can rest assured your ad will be clicked by different people as long as the ads are spaced apart at least 7-14 days from each other.

Business Opportunity Offers

Planning to run a solo ad for any of these offers?

Empower Network, Neucopia, Six Figure Mentors, Simple2Advertise, Dot Com Secret X, Illuminati, 5iphon, The Viral Secret, iLivingApp, Big Idea Mastermind, 20 Minute Payday?

Or maybe similar biz op offer?

CONTACT US first and apply for solo ad.

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