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What is a solo ad and how does it work?

We at sell high quality email traffic. This type of traffic is usually called a solo ad.

It’s called a solo ad because we are promoting only one product or service to our subscribers within one newsletter.

We are promoting YOUR product or service!

At you can advertise your product or service to our list of over 110,000 email subscribers who are interested in business opportunities, make money online products or services and internet marketing.

Here’s how everything works in three easy steps:


Browse our page and select the traffic package you want to go for. We sell in quantities as low as 100 clicks and as much as few thousand.


Place the order and you will be taken to the next step where you will need to provide us with the link you want to drive traffic to.


We will schedule your solo ad and announce the sendout date. Once the day comes - your ad will go live!

Got any questions? Feel free to ask us a question!

Don’t be shy - you can ask us anything at all, we’re here to help you grow your business!

Want to promote a business opportunity?

If you want to promote a business opportunity please select the option below. If you can’t find yours below, you can CONTACT US HERE to see if we can promote your offer.

What is the quality of traffic that you will receive? offers the best quality traffic for your products and services.

We proudly provide quality traffic that comes from the top tier countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Approximately 78.24% of our traffic comes from these countries and the remaining 21.76% comes from other English speaking countries (the traffic is worldwide).

PLEASE NOTE: we do not guarantee that you will get exactly 78.24% of your traffic from top tier countries. These are the results we usually experience, but they may vary!

How well it converts?
Check out what our happy customers have say...

Okay, I know that lately there are a lot of solo rip-offs that are happening here in the WF that you don't even know who to trust...

So to anyone that are looking to buy a solo from Emka and wants to know the responsiveness of his list, I just did you guys a favor...

I bought a 300 UNIQUE clicks solo ad from Emka 3 days ago and here are my results:

Overall, I got 352 UNIQUE clicks. As a result, I got 195 new subs on my list (55.3% optin rate) and 2 OTO sales at 17 bucks each!

I highly recommend this guy for a solo buy and I myself will surely come back for more!!

Angelo Sayson, view it on

I have to say that Emka has one of the most responsive lists I have ever now. I bought a 300 click solo and got well over 400 clicks and a handful of OTO sales.

Talk about over delivering. Thats just crazy.

My squeeze is converting about 65% so you do the math on how many subs I got.

I´ll be coming back for more soon.

Thanks for an awesome solo.

Thorleifur Reynisson, view it on

Emka....I will admit that having never doing business with you (or anyone for that matter) before is a little risky and I was skeptical. I am really glad I took the chance with you dude. I was very pleasantly surprised with my results.

You delivered 100 more clicks than I paid for...which is awesome! I ended up getting a 42% opt in rate and I made just over half of my money back on the backend OTO's. I would do this all day long while building my list and buyers list together. I have no doubt that you sent quality traffic and you will be someone that I go to again.

Selling solos myself, I KNOW when someone is doing things the right way...and you definitely did things the right way. Thanks again man!

Craig Raphael, view it on

*** Emka's solo's are 110% as advertised, you MUST get one if you want great results ***

Hey Buddy,

I want to thank you for your last solo, I had great results, a eye popping 71.6% Overdelivery and great quality traffic, geting 39% optin and 1.9% optin to sale conversion (I usually get between 1.3 - 1.5).

Again, I can't thank you enough for your services and professionalism. Happy customer looking to come back soon, really soon.

Carlos Barahona, view it on

Check out over 120 happy customer testimonials on our Warrior Forum thread

Special Perks That You Are Going To Love

Professional email ad copy writing

You don't have to worry about the email ad!

We will write a custom email ad for your offer, so you get the maximum response from our list.

And you get this free of a charge too.

Your offer review and optimization

It's not only about the traffic that you send to your page, it's about the page that receives the traffic as well!

We want to make sure that your squeeze page is ready to convert as many visitors to subscribers as possible, so we will review and optimize your page!

Special video training for solo ad buyers

Special video training created for YOU to maximize YOUR conversions not only during this solo ad, but also for all the solo ads you are buy in the future.

We want you to grow your business as fast and as cost-efficiently as possible.

This training is NOT available anywhere else, we’ve created it exclusively for buyers!

Our rock solid guarantee

Every solo ad you purchase is covered by our guarantee.

We guarantee that you will receive all the clicks you have ordered within 72 hours of the send out date, or you will get a full refund (and the clicks you've already received are yours to keep free of charge).

You can buy traffic with confidence!

Please Note: you will receive the clicks within 72 hours of your send out date, not the day you placed the order.

Special video training for solo ad buyers?

Yes! We have created a special video training where you will learn everything you need to know about how to optimize your funnel (or squeeze page) so you get the best results possible from the solo ad we deliver.

Video training will be delivered when you place the order for clicks.

This special training is not available anywhere else and was created exclusively for customers.

Here's what you are going to learn in the video training:

We want to be sure that you are getting the maximum out of the traffic we send you!

And that's not all!

We're going to give you a SPECIAL BONUS!

The most important part of your campaign is your lead capture page. We want to be sure that your lead capture page looks perfect, so we will tell you 20 most common squeeze page mistakes and how yo can avoid them!

So you are going to get VIDEO TRAINING and MISTAKE CHEAT SHEET free of charge!

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